SystemAir RVK Fans Save £5!!

SystemAir RVK Fans Save £5!!
Systemair RVK Fans 

RVK Fans Require wiring we can supply a lead with fitted 13amp plug

The RVK fan series is designed specifically for use with in-line with ducting. The casing is manufactured from PA6 fibreglass reinforced plastic which offers minimal air leakage and a tough outer casing. Humid room applications of the fan are possible, thanks to the airtight casing and IP44 rated terminal box.

The fans have backward-curved blades and external rotor motors. The mounting clamp facilitates easy installation and removal, and prevents the transfer of vibration to the duct or mounting surface. 

Heritage – Systemair RVK fans have long been recognised as the industry standard. The fans utilise airtight casing, making them suitable for moving large volumes of humid air – essential for grow room applications.

Versatility – The fans can be mounted in any position (using the mounting clamp supplied) and come in a variety of popular sizes, in high and low speed variations. All Systemair RVK fans can be used with a fan speed controller.

Fan Code    Fan Size       Capacity    (M³ Per Hr)
RVK Sileo    100E2         100mm (4″)     184
RVK Sileo    125E2         125mm (5″)      220
RVK Sileo    125E2-L     125mm (5″)      323
RVK Sileo    150E2         150mm (6″)      428
RVK Sileo    150E2-L     150mm (6″)       720
RVK Sileo    200E2         200mm (8″)      796
RVK Sileo    200E2-L     200mm (8″)      1008
RVK Sileo    250E2-L     250mm (10″)    1080
RVK Sileo    250E2-XL   250mm (10")    1307
RVK Sileo    315E2         315mm (12″)    1375

RVK fans come in 2 types:E2 and L, as well as in different sizes: from 4” to 12”

E2 refers to intake fan, and L is the exhaust fan.
They are usually used in pairs, so it’s best to choose an E2 and L of the same size, to ensure negative pressure in your grow tent. Remember to always choose a set of both type E2 and L of the same size to achieve negative pressure.
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